Learn how to create ‘Help’ and information pages within IntelliPen. The 1-day online session walks you through this advanced feature.

Learning outcomes

  • Adapt or build new communications and consistent ‘Help’ materials across the whole system.
  • Create and embed help, guidance, or job-critical information into the main IntelliPen screens and workflows.
  • Develop a help menu sub-system off the main IntelliPen structure.
  • Include your own branded and scheme-specific documentation.
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  • File system navigation and hierarchy approach to page and layout storage
  • XML summary – simply edit existing IntelliPen layouts
  • HTML overview – create basic help pages that are visually appealing
  • SQL review – update the database with pages and fields
  • Database outline – facilitate modifying the layout entries
  • Editing and adding help text into IntelliPen standard screen XML layouts
  • Creating help pages to be displayed in workflows
  • Embedding graphics and branding
  • Using stored procedures to insert pages into the IntelliPen database
  • Constructing a help sub-system within IntelliPen
  • Moving pages using the Parent ID
  • Hiding and revealing help pages
  • Enhancing workflows using help pages at process, activity, and task level
  • Exporting from MS Office suite and other tools into IntelliPen help pages

Course list

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