Document Production


Introducing IntelliPens powerful document production reporting tool

Learning outcomes

  • 1) Interpret the Document Production functionality using definition files and the rendering engine
  • Create XML to extract data from the IntelliPen databases and convert it for user presentation
  • Apply advanced features such as prompts, conditioning, global data and multiple sections to reports


  • Overview and technology
  • Data source definitions
  • Tabled output
  • Prompts and parameters
  • Multiple selections and conditioning
  • Range of source types
  • Standard processing definitions
  • Mail merge outline
Becky Forster
Becky Forster
Training Team Manager

Becky heads up our expert training team, spearheading the delivery of training courses to both internal and external customers. She has over 30 years of training experience working in the occupational pensions administration industry in roles ranging from Pensions Administrator to Group Head of Training for operational staff. She has a 360-degree understanding of how pensions platforms support the delivery of excellent service to our clients having worked both in-house and as a third-party partner in previous roles.

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