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IntelliPen Document Visibility Fields

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IntelliPen now features a ‘visibility’ field (on table tb_documents) in the .net version, which is used in conjunction with controlling whether documents are visible to the end-user or not. This is a brief oversight of how this is intended to work.

The basic premise is that the Visibility field contains a bit mask number, which defines which Role Types are allowed to see a document.  Example Role Types are:

  • Administrator
  • Member
  • Employer
  • Trustee

In the .config file, there is a setting called intelliScanSettings/visibilityEntities.  Using the above examples you would set this to:

<add key=”visibilityEntities” value=”Administrator,Member,Employer,Trustee ” />

The positions of these values is important and once set should never be changed.  Using the above setting as an example, the different role types would each have a unique number, as follows:

  • Administrator = 1
  • Member = 2
  • Employer = 4
  • Trustee = 8

These numbers are then bitwise compared with the Visibility value of a document to determine if the user is allowed to see the document.

So, if a document has the following visibility values, and given the role values as above, then the document is viewable as follows.

  • Visibility = 5 (means that Administrator-1 and Employer-4 can see it 1 + 4 = 5)
  • Visibility = 1 (only Administrator-1 can see it)
  • Visibility = 15 (everyone can see it 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 15)
  • Visibility = 9 (only administrator and trustee can see if 1+8 = 9)

see also:

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Last updated 29th October 2020